Joe lhota

The Governor's Office and the MTA also declined to comment on why it misled the public.
Thanks for your service, Joe.
During a board meeting on Wednesday, Lhota warned that 'significant' budget gaps in the coming years could force the authority to institute unplanned fare hikes.
Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent as part of ongoing rescue efforts, the authority's own numbers show little in the way of actual improvement.
A tipster tells us that Charles Moerdler was spotted idling in a no standing zone at Greenwich Street and Battery Place on Wednesday.
NYC Transit head Andy Byford refused to put a price tag on the 10-year plan.
Records reviewed by the Times show that Lhota made $2.5 million in private income last year, nearly more than $1 million more than he made the previous year, when he was not in charge of the MTA.
"If we don't have the full amount of money, there may be things that we can't do."
The new metrics, requested by MTA Chairman Joe Lhota, will go live Wednesday.
The tax proposal would bring in approximately $800 million annually through a .5 percent increase in income tax on individuals who make over $500,000 and couples making over $1 million.
MTA Chairman Joe Lhota called on the city and state to split the cost of additional funds needed to "stabilize the subway" during a presentation Tuesday.
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