Joe girardi

Despite winning a World Series in 2009 and making the playoffs six more times, Joe Girardi will not be brought back as Yankee manager.
Ryan Dempster has denied deliberately aiming at Rodriguez.
Rivera said, "At this point I don’t know" if I'll pitch again. "We have to fight this first."
Could Girardi just be sore that the Jays beat the Yankees by a combined score of 23-8 in two games in a row, or are the Jays the New England Patriots of the MLB?
After Jorge Posada's weekend tempter tantrum, can the Yankees get back to normal? Not just yet...
After sitting out Saturday's game, Yankees catcher Jorge Posada apologized to the
Boston 6 Yankees 0: A forgettable game turned into a firestorm. We
There are reasons to quibble with Joe Girardi’s management of the Yankees.
As was expected, the Yankees and manager Joe Girardi are close
With the Yankees in the Windy City to play the White Sox,
Surprise, surprise—Lady Gaga's scantily clad visit to the Yankees' clubhouse on Friday
After an ugly win (but a win, at least) against the Carolina
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