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We asked seven thinkers what the new voter-backed Office of Racial Equity tackle first.

A new report from the online job portal Glassdoor offers some early insights on the impact New York City’s pay transparency law is having.

Without work permits, many of the over 21,000 newcomers are struggling to find work.

"I just want to do better for myself. I want to get a job and move forward with life. You know?"

"It's unfair to raise hopes of unemployed workers that it's going to mean any real assistance anytime soon."

Gothamist's editorial team is expanding, and we're looking for a full time writer who can handle a mix of blogging and reporting on weekends and several weekdays.

NYC's unemployment rate is now at 5.7 percent.

The bill would provide tech training, public-private partnerships with firms willing to hire returning parents, some specialized assistance polishing outdated resumes, a better website for the program, and advertising to let people know that the service exists.