"It's unfair to raise hopes of unemployed workers that it's going to mean any real assistance anytime soon."
Gothamist's editorial team is expanding, and we're looking for a full time writer who can handle a mix of blogging and reporting on weekends and several weekdays.
The program has only created 408 jobs across the state.
NYC has added MORE jobs under de Blasio.
NYC's unemployment rate is now at 5.7 percent.
The bill would provide tech training, public-private partnerships with firms willing to hire returning parents, some specialized assistance polishing outdated resumes, a better website for the program, and advertising to let people know that the service exists.
Officials need more than a little help with the ramped-up Ebola screenings around the country, especially at airports.
The city is hiring a new blacksmith. IS IT YOU?
44% of the nearly 300,000 tech jobs do not require a Bachelor's Degree.
Installing braces is a great racket, many athletes aren't actually overpaid, the most common jobs pay peanuts, and doctors make bank.
Old Man Winter didn't cause a hiring freeze: February's jobs report beat expectations, with the economy adding 175,000 jobs.
75% of Bed-Stuy residents say that the housing situation is intolerable, nearly 60% say jobs that pay a living wage are scarce, and 53% say the job market is only getting worse.
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