Joan rivers

Rivers passed away in 2014 after an error-riddled procedure at Yorkville Endoscopy.
Melissa Rivers will appear as Joan Rivers in David O. Russell's new movie.
The triplex penthouse is going for $28 million.
Staff also didn't notice Rivers' vitals were dropping.
Joan Rivers loved a good joke, but she would undoubtedly not find this amusing.
The NY State Health Department is investigating Rivers's death.
Rivers' air supply may have been cut off.
Stern began his eulogy on a very off-color note, which Rivers would have appreciated.
It was, by all accounts, exactly the kind of "showbiz affair" that Rivers always wanted.
The comedienne's autopsy results were inconclusive.
Rivers shot to fame on The Tonight Show, and to celebrate her legacy, last night's late night hosts paid tribute with words, clips and jokes.
Some clips from Joan Rivers on The Tonight Show, which Rivers was a guest on, guest hosted, and eventually banned from.
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