Jk rowling

Harry Potter won't be there, but J.K. Rowling is bringing his world to life in NYC in a new film series.
The Harry Potter scribe will be doing a Q&A and book signing for her new non-Potter tome in October.
From the description, "Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils...Pagford is not what it first seems."
The Harry Potter books and movies are over, so after five years it is good to know we've got another J.K. Rowling book in the works—and this one is for the adults!
A federal judge in New York has officially dismissed a lawsuit
J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. have won their copyright infringement lawsuit against
While a judge deliberates on whether Harry Potter superfan Steve Vander Ark
As the Harry Potter copyright infringement trial drew to a close yesterday,
The 50-year-old librarian on the receiving end of a copyright infringement lawsuit
There’s troubling news today for fans of fantasy tween novel franchises: Choking
Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is testifying in a Manhattan federal courtroom
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