Jimmy van bramer

Artists will be able to perform outside around NYC in Open Streets and in other public areas starting this spring thanks to a new Open Culture program.
The legislation would allow any nonprofit art or cultural group, organization, venue or institution to be able to utilize public outdoor spaces for performances.
Joshua Bowen, the owner of John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island City, accused Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer of defamation and suppressing his free speech.
Queens Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer at a rally against Amazon last
But the neighbor insists she's 'not a mental case.'
'The mayor and governor caved to the richest man in the world and handed New Yorkers the bill,' City Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer asserted.
A broad coalition of lawmakers, activist groups and outraged locals gathered in Long Island City to denounce the Amazon news.
Queens residents are alarmed over a Sunnyside condo lobby's bizarre decorative choices, which include a swastika, a shrine to the confederacy, and photographs of Hitler and Stalin in the lobby.
The state Attorney General's Office said it is receiving increasing numbers of reports of scams targeting immigrants.
"I will keep a close eye on your every moves."
"It's as we knew and suspected: that hit and run is the most neglected serious crime going on in New York City today."
New York City's libraries need help.
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