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Jimmy McMillan, he of perpetual office-seeking and a beard that would chagrin a topiary, is being evicted from his rent-stablized East Village apartment.

The video for Weekend Money's "Yellow" includes cameos from the ATL Twins, Hot Sugar, Fat Tony, Jimmy McMillan, and DAN SMITH.

The rent here really is too damn high. And there are stats to prove it.

A guy breathed fire with the help of some fracking-tainted water.

Jimmy McMillan thinks "The Rent Is Too Damn High" but his rent for a one-bedroom in the East Village is $872/month.

Noted protest singer and Deep Throat aficionado Jimmy McMillan has been stopping by Zuccotti Park to visit Occupy Wall Street protesters frequently over the last three weeks. Watch below.

Jimmy stopped by our offices this week to discuss the new documentary on him Damn!, his love of Ronald Reagen, SNL's influence, his Israeli fanbase, and his raunchy career as a porn star.