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Unfortunately, that moniker's sticking around for just one week.

In the previously unreleased audio, Jimmy Breslin takes shots at the death penalty, white flight, network television, Rudy Giuliani and more.

'Look at me now, my age, I'm going to spend the next 90 minutes groveling in the dust to make some rat 19-year-olds like me.'

Breslin spent half a century writing columns and reporting for various New York City outlets.

On the mayor, Breslin writes, "He has an arrogance that, as always with the rich, comes with the poorest knowledge of people."

Quintessential New York reporter Jimmy Breslin was feted Monday night at

The family of legendary newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin announced today that his

Last June Scientific American took a look at a human-less New

"Hello from the gutters of N.Y.C., which are filled with dog manure,

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