Jim carrey

The highlights of a solid new SNL included a cathartic new Kate McKinnon character, a divisive Bill Burr monologue, and an incredible musical performance from Jack White.
Chris Rock was the host for the season premiere of SNL this weekend, but everyone was still shaking the cobwebs off.
"Universal didn't want the footage we took behind the scenes to surface so that people wouldn't think I was an a-hole," Carrey explains.
'I believe we're a field of energy dancing for itself,' Carrey said, adding, 'And, uh, I don't care.'
Jim Carrey's still-elastic face was host of last night's Halloween-centric "Saturday Night Live," which was filled with great weird sketches.
Jim Carrey is channeling his inner starving artist, right here in NYC.
Arguably the best thing to ever happen inside of Arlene's Grocery.
Because it sure seems like it.
Actor Jim Carrey accidentally captured an angel in his photo of Manhattan... on Judgment Day! Dun dun dun.
Now that David Paterson has left office, Saturday Night Live performer Fred
While it's not as exciting as seeing Mel Gibson run around
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