The NYPD will also be deploying their "Hercules" patrols, or heavily armed counterterrorism units, to make unannounced visits at synagogues across the city.
Listen to a previously unreleased recording of Irving Howe reading from World of Our Fathers, as part of our ongoing series with 92Y.
Cops say the attackers fled in a silver BMW.
A 36-year-old woman claims in a new lawsuit that the synagogue she worked at for over a decade fired her this summer after finding out that she had pre-marital sex.
This is the fourth case this year.
If you're ever in Williamsburg ten minutes before the sun sets on a Friday night, you'll have heard the eerie sirens that wail far and wide throughout the neighborhood.
Thanks to this video, we have an idea how to dissuade any strangers from ever asking us if we're Jewish ever again.
A previous 32-year sentence was overturned in 2012.
Two more babies are believed to have been infected with herpes by mohels this year, bringing the total number of babies infected in NYC since the consent form law went into effect to five.
"The guy walks free... where is our protection?"
Sources say surgery took eight hours, the baby needed six blood transfusions and "leech therapy," and was subsequently hospitalized for nearly two months.
Police say there was another "knockout"-style attack on a Brooklyn Jewish man early Friday morning, and four men have been arrested in connection with it.
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