You can read the full letter banning Woody Allen-style glasses from a Brooklyn yeshiva below.
A Brooklyn yeshiva has reportedly banned Woody Allen-style glasses for being "too goyish" and too "modern."
The News reports that Nechemya Weberman, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish counselor found guilty of sexually abusing a teen, allegedly sexually abused at least 10 more teens and married women who he counseled.
The potential ban on large sugary drinks isn't the only controversial vote that the Board of Health is set to make this week.
Police have released surveillance video of two suspects who spray-painted a series of swastikas onto multiple building around the heavily Orthodox Jewish area of Borough Park in Brooklyn yesterday.
Police are investigating a series of swastikas that were spray-painted onto multiple building around the heavily Orthodox Jewish area of Borough Park in Brooklyn.
"I think the practice would continue, but there could be significant difficulty in gathering evidence. I would hope that our government officials take steps in conjunction with the community," Rabbi David Zwiebel said.
A globe-trotting Torah rescuer—dubbed the "Jewish Indiana Jones"—admitted to being a fraud yesterday. But did he admit he isn't even the real Jewish Indiana Jones?
“No person of any religion should have to go through this. It’s unconscionable for a religious Jewish woman to behave this way,” Marshall Garvin contends in his lawsuit.
The NYPD Hate Crime Unit is investigating swastikas discovered scrawled inside an elevator in a Williamsburg apartment building, in the latest anti-Semitic attack this month.
An Avenue J subway sign in Midwood was found vandalized earlier today with the words "Avenue Jew." Hopefully this wasn't someone misguided attempt at Avenue Q humor.
Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown tonight, and everyone in the city has their own way of taking part in the tradition.
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