Jet ski

One eyewitness said the men were doing "tricks" before the collision.
The jet skiers were on the same jet ski and somehow got separated after being thrown off.
They were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for hypothermia.
Willie Tom, 44, and CiCi Lin, 26, disappeared Thursday night while jet-skiing near West 33rd Street and Bayview Avenue.
The two disappeared after one fell into the water and the other dove in to help.
Jet skiing through Hurricane Sandy isn't just for residents of the Garden State. Oh no, we can do that here in New York as well.
The view from Thai Rock, where you can get dinner and
Diseases aren't the only thing that can slip into JFK Airport undetected—so can soggy, bright yellow life jacket-wearing jet skiers from Howard Beach!
A Bronx man died after colliding with another jet ski on
What appeared to be a calm exchange among a group of
Yesterday afternoon in Lawrence, a man on a Yamaha personal jet
A Brooklyn teen killed another youth in a Mill Basin jet
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