Jet blue

One of the pilots allegedly said, 'Thank you for making my fantasy come true.'
Free flight to Barbados!
The addition of the mini-park to the terminal (called Terminal 5i) is intended to evoke a similar feel of recreation and relaxation to a place devoid of such pleasures: the airport.
Everyone from Time Warner Cable to Morgan Stanley is getting in on the action.
JetBlue and the TSA deny that they were responsible for the incident.
Carson Daly has infuriated the mother of a gay 9/11 victim.
The man accused of going on a drunken rampage on a Jet Blue flight this weekend may have mental problems because of a previous incident with the NYPD.
The front page of today's Daily News is devoted to "hero cop" Anibal Mercado, who saved a plane full of Jet Blue passengers from... a rowdy drunk guy on a flight from the Dominican Republic.
The cockpit recording from the Jet Blue flight that was stranded for more than seven hours on a tarmac in Hartford Saturday reveals a desperate pilot who felt abandoned by his own company.
It sure is reassuring to know that screeners missed a stun gun, which ended up found in a plane seat back pocket by cleaning crews at Newark Airport.
The newish JetBlue terminal at JFK airport—the first new terminal at
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