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The bus is promoting West's new album 'Jesus Is King' and the accompanying IMAX film.

An on-duty Sanitation worker was caught throwing debris at a statue of Jesus on the cross outside of a Brooklyn church on Thursday, according to the NYPD.

Honestly, if you want to feel good about New York, there are worse things you could do than to watch this 2:31 clip.

Was Jesus married? A business card-sized piece of papyrus recently identified by the Harvard Divinity School implies that maybe, just maybe, he was.

It's unclear whether the lawsuit acknowledges the fact that Jesus Christ indeed turned water into subwoofers.

A sign told us that Jesus Chris was part of the 99% and now it looks like it's true.

A growing number of Southern Baptists are flocking to northeast cites for what's known as "church planting," or establishing new congregations in wicked Godless places. NYC, are you ready to get right with God?!