Jessica simpson

The degree of difficulty is going up this weekend, way up. Dallas
It's been a while (or maybe for some, not long enough) since
Sure, there are probably a few jokes about John Mayer, but last
A look at some noteworthy (and mainly regifted) programs this week: Yule
Comedian Dane Cook has a massive following, from his huge record sales
Name, age, occupation, where are you from and where do you live
Ah, spring... time to clean out the closets, put away the winter
For some reason when things are "one night only" it makes us
Ashlee Simpson is probably best known for either a) being Jessica Simpson's
First and foremost I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I offended the commenter
Holy majoly. Today, the world - well, really everyone who believed in
Last night, the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center was lit, signaling the
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