Jesse jackson

Sharpton said of Koch, "I have found that he was never a phony or a hypocrite. He would not patronize or deceive you."
Bloomberg distinguishing tents from the protesters' right to occupy Zuccotti Park seems specious—plenty of the park's rules are currently not being enforced.
The civil rights leader was on hand last night when the NYPD was sniffing around the (against the rules) OWS medical tent.
Last week, LeBron James changed the world when he chose not to
Fox News captured the Reverend Jesse Jackson criticizing presidential candidate Barack
In between campaign stops for March 4th primaries, Hillary Clinton put on
Once upon a time, former President Bill Clinton only meant good things
Barack Obama won the South Carolina Democratic primary yesterday, taking 55%
Barack Obama's historic Iowa caucus win is giving him momentum for
Just a few days after a 16-year-old Flatbush resident died after being
There's nothing quite like religion and politics to get people worked
Another wet April day. Friday is off to a rainy start. So
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