Jerry seinfeld

The show, which explores the minutiae of Seinfeld's everyday life amidst his interactions with a close-knit group of neighbors, friends and current & former lovers, hits Netflix on October 1st.
'I can't say what he should do. You do whatever you want. If he does it wrong, he's going to suffer. And that's his deal.'
'That was the opposite of what happened with Kesha.'
'It's tragic,' Seinfeld said of the sexual assault allegations against Cosby, 'but there's a lot of tragedy in comedy, there's a lot of people who have tragic lives.
The two also discussed their influences, whether or not there's a god, what life is, and joke-making.
'Jerry Before Seinfeld,' which premieres on September 19th on Netflix, includes footage of Seinfeld performing at The Comic Strip interspersed with never-before-seen material.
That moment has now been preserved for future generations in a beautiful piece of street art... in Melbourne, Australia.
She should have just gone for the hand-hug.
A Brooklyn dad said that FLOTUS inspired his daughter to try the salad bar.
One of the greatest nights in comedy and we all missed it!
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