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While it's still scientifically impossible to raise the dead, the next best thing is to pay homage to Jerry Orbach by transforming a used sedan into a lowrider-style Orbach mobile

The actor, who films in NYC a lot, says to New Yorkers: "Sorry about the parking."

Sorry, newbie fans—there are just images of earlyish Law & Order detectives and lawyers so far.

Watch the opening of this Thursday's show—there's even the detectives and DA's walk at the end!

Photograph taken in March 2004: Jerry Orbach, Jake Dobkin, Jen Chung,

Marta Curro, Jerry Orbach's first wife, is defending her son's recent vitriolic

In an extremely angry letter to his stepmother, Jerry Orbach's son Chris

When They Might Be Giants released their twelfth album, The Else, over

No more naming streets like Joey Ramone Place, Peter Jennings Way, Bob

This might be the first time a British actor has played a