Here's your hate-watch clip of the day.
A saboteur pulled their fire alarm, flooding the kitchen with flame-killing chemicals.
Check out the actual tweet below, lest it turns out Trump was drunk when he wrote it and he decides to delete it.
Trump may have reached classy nirvana today in a series of increasingly heinous tweets in which he politicized Hurricane Sandy to attack Obama. If you've ever wanted to stare into the void, here's your shot.
After some brilliant theatergoer decided to go and "correct" Arthur Miller's classic drama Death of a Salesman by adding a little digital oomph to Alex North's original 1949 music we got to thinking...
During an otherwise engrossing performance of Death of a Salesman on Broadway last night, a cellphone rang out during the final, tender quiet moments.
Authorities seized "approximately one ton of elephant ivory—one of the largest U.S. seizures of elephant ivory on record."
Earlier this week, it was reported that heartless jerk thieves stole
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