There's no sign outside but it's called The Gradient, and it appears to be both a nightclub and vegetarian restaurant.
Located in the party zone near the Jefferson L station, MoMo Chicken Shack may look like a hipster hangout, but the food is good and the staff total pros.
Located just far enough away from 'Jefftown' proper to avoid the drunken masses, this tropical spot is worth the trip for colorful cocktails and big-flavored dishes.
You can now get some high-quality bites in a shack on the front lawn of The Johnsons.
Bushwick belongs to Tiltz now.
They'll close their doors for good after service on November 1st.
Looks like Zosia Mamet got out just in time.
Think Jerk Chicken Sandwiches, Roast Beef made with tenderloin and a super duper Wagyu beef cheeseburger.
You've come a long way, Jefftown.
"Why we're so cool in the first place is because of who we are now, not what we're gonna become 10 years from now, not what SantaCon is going to bring us," said Councilmember Espinal.
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