Jeffrey johnson

The woman says she was walking by the Empire State Building to get to Penn Station from Grand Central—and ended suffering a neck wound and shattered femur.
"There’s a family behind [this], grieving and dying for one of their own right now."
The Daily News says that he was not being evicted but was merely asked to temporarily relocate.
"This was a specific case of a guy being angry at someone. I'm not worried. No one's mad at me." What if those flowerpots which the cops' bullets ricocheted off of ARE angry with her?
“My life will never be the same without my baby, my protector, my best friend, my everything,” she wrote on Facebook. “It will be hard to face every day without him by my side."
"The fact that seven of those rounds hit the guy that was trying to kill them is pretty amazing."
"My main objective was to get cops on him. He could've gotten away real easy. He was getting away. That couldn't happen," hardhat Brian Dillon said. "Someone like that isn’t supposed to walk the street."
"This was the final straw that pushed him over the edge," a police source said. "He was blaming the victim for being out of work, having no money and now having no apartment."
It turns out the 58-year-old Johnson had at least one definite hobby: he was an avid bird watcher, who spent much time in Central Park tracking the red-tailed Hawks.
“My son was a loving son, a great son, and a great uncle, and we are grieving very badly,” victim Steve Ercolino's father, Frank, said.
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters today that cops inadvertently wounded nine people yesterday after a disgruntled ex-employee killed his former boss near the Empire State Building.
A federal judge had dismissed Matthews' lawsuit earlier this year.
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