Jeffrey epstein

Black is the head of Apollo Management, which manages $433 billion in funds.
Ghislaine Maxwell repeatedly dodges questions about sexual abuse of minors in unsealed documents released Thursday.
The money from the sale of the mansion will go towards a victims' compensation fund.
Maxwell entered a plea of not guilty.
The Bureau of Prisons confirmed that Maxwell has been taken to Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn today after being arrested and held in New Hampshire last week
She'll either be transferred to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan or the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn.
"She wanted to know what the flight patterns were over the house, which was very strange," a broker told the Daily Beast.
“He publicly cooperate with law enforcement investigating the crimes committed by Jeffery Epstein. So I think, in that context, it’s fair for people to know if Prince Andrew has followed through."
'We wanted to draw attention to the fact that The President of the United States just added a person of questionable character to his legal team.'
The Virgin Islands attorney general alleges that Epstein trafficked, raped, and abused hundreds of girls by promising them and their families modeling opportunities, school and healthcare.
They face charges of fabricating prison records, after allegedly falling asleep for hours while they were supposed to be monitoring the high-security prisoner.
Dr. Michael Baden, contracted by Epstein's brother, said the financier's autopsy pointed to a 'homicidal strangulation.'
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