Jeff stark

To help call attention to emerging artists in need of venues, underground impresario Jeff Stark's inviting a few to perform at midday outside a Bronx subway station.
If you recently spotted a group of people dressed in hooded cloaks ominously marching two-by-two through Gowanus at night behind a man with a birdcage on his head, don't worry.
I was hanging around a crowded bar in Gowanus one recent Friday night when three women wearing earth-tone cloaks drifted in and started ringing a bell.
"Imagine the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at night in the middle of a crumbling industrial neighborhood."
At a quarter to midnight on Friday I spotted the man with a wire coming out of his ear and a giant flower on his lapel.
An intimate dinner for two on the roof of an old industrial building in Queens.
We'll take any excuse to publish more of Tod Seelie's bewitching photographs,
Courtesy Pixietart. A 30-member cast and crew took over various subway
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