Jeff buckley

Here's the Gossip Girl actor portraying the late great Jeff Buckley.
Penn Badgley is portraying Jeff Buckley in one of the three films coming out about the late musician—and it just screened in Toronto.
How does the Gossip Girl star do covering Jeff Buckley's cover of "Lilac Wine"?
On this day in 1997, Jeff Buckley tragically died while swimming in Memphis.
Three Jeff Buckley movies means a lot of Jeff Buckley movie news. Today: a new casting, filming schedules, and harsh words from one biopic writer to another biopic writer!
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have a connection to the Jeff Buckley biopic, which by the way Penn Badgley wasn't actually cast in. And other confusing things!
Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley has reportedly been cast to play Jeff Buckley in an upcoming biopic of the musician.
Like an elementary school kid who sees his teacher at a movie
Ten years ago today Jeff Buckley drowned while taking an evening swim.
People seem to describe bands by listing off names of other
[Photo by Couirey Eckmayer] Morning Theft, fresh off the bus from
A glimpse into the musical tastes of some bloggers can be seen
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