Jeff bezos

"We also now have the room to imagine things that were not possible before. And that is fantastic.”
A coalition of lawmakers are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to pass a billionaires' tax.
A former employee of Amazon's mega-warehouse on Staten Island says he was fired last month for speaking out about intolerable working conditions and attempting to organize his co-workers at the historically anti-union company.
'The facts are a decision was made very arbitrarily. We had an agreement. The agreement was moving forward and suddenly it wasn't. That's all I'm saying.'
*Orders boom box, trenchcoat, and Peter Gabriel's Greatest Hits cassette off Amazon*
Some of the pro-Amazon protesters who rallied against the company's decision to cancel its move to Queens were secretly paid to be there, possibly by a landlord miffed over his inability to raise rents.
The triumphant activists gathered in Jackson Heights on Thursday night for an Amazon victory party featuring a mariachi band, chants of "Bye Bezos," and a pinata depicting the Amazon CEO's face.
'The deal that has been presented is so bad for New York that it should not be a foundation off of which we negotiate,' State Senator Michael Gianaris said.
Musk will not make NYC Boring... at least, not yet.
Who has the authority to decide if the project moves forward? What could stop the Amazon development, or slow it down?
'I chose our new locations because they were ideal for growing business, not just to make Donald Trump think about how I'm literally 100 times richer than he is.'
It's great to see taxpayers help out small struggling businesses like this 'Amazon' start-up.
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