Now it will be up to Attorney General Letitia James to enforce the resolution passed Tuesday by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, which requires Cuomo to pay back his book proceeds within 30 days.
Crown Publishing paid him $5.1 million for the memoir.
"Is the progress so slow that it’s going to evolve into a taffy pull in which it’s all just stretched out?"
“If Hochul wants to break with the gigantic ethical hangover that Cuomo left in Albany then a good way to do that is to not appoint Cuomo officials,” said John Kaehny of Reinvent Albany.
Missing from Albany: any talk of overhauling New York’s notorious lax ethics and transparency laws.
'The powers-that-be don’t want JCOPE to work.'
The Governor's Office and the MTA also declined to comment on why it misled the public.
Democratic lawmakers are calling for a new ethics system where 'you don't want to break our rules or laws because there's a shitload of trouble you can get into.'
City Hall seems to have gotten hit with yet another subpoena.
"She squeezed her legs together in an effort to prevent him from touching her and was scratched by one of Mr. Lopez’s jagged fingernails." And it gets worse...
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