Jazz Age Lawn Party

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"We're the guys who have been with him since day one. He's stiffing us too."

Fringed frocks and gin fizzes took over the Island this past weekend, and there's more 1920s fun to come.

It was a scorching hot day on Governors Island Saturday, as Fitzgerald and flapper aficionados drank mint juleps and celebrated the final Jazz Age Lawn Party of 2015.

Thinking of going to the Jazz Age Lawn Party in August? We have some photos from this weekend, and tips for the next one.

Three weeks after the August 17th event, the cooks and caterers employed by Jimmy's No. 43 are still waiting for their money.

Even if you're not headed to the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governors Island today, you can make the summery cocktails served at the event.

How do these Jazz Age recreationists feel about the upcoming 3D blockbuster remake of The Great Gatsby?