Nintendo introduces a new female Legend of Zelda character, Wall Street loves Hillary Clinton, beware jaywalking in the Bronx, and more end-of-day links.
"If you're crossing in the middle of the street, you're wrong, you're endangering yourself, you're endangering others, you're endangering drivers."
When you jaywalk, you're making a political statement: that you refuse to submit to the tyranny of cars.
Streets used to be for pedestrians, until Big Auto rolled in.
Cops reportedly told the girls they had to issue the tickets because of pressure from City Hall.
"Just crossing the street, he's afraid of cops coming up from behind and arresting him," said his son. "He's terrified, in fact."
A woman claims she was the victim of police brutality for jaywalking and cursing in Greenwich Village last month.
Cops have dropped all charges against Wong, leaving him with the satisfying knowledge that cops detained him, scared him, knocked him to the ground, and caused him to black out for no good reason.
A Queens man was decapitated while attempting to cross the Grand Central Parkway near LaGuardia Airport Friday evening.
"Three cops in an NYPD van pulled me over as I was walking down the sidewalk...they looked at me and said, 'De Blasio is making us enforce it, it's been all over the news.'"
That's a 900% increase from the same period in 2013, when cops gave out just 50 such tickets.
His son said the elderly man 'isn't a criminal, he is the victim here.'
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