Jayson blair

Jayson Blair thinks that Lehrer may have acted in self-sabotage.
The intern had proudly Tweeted the other week, "Front paging today for Greater New York section of WSJ."
A Daily News education reporter was fired today after it was
Having blown one of the most coveted jobs in journalism through
Have there ever actually been alligators in the New York City
The Post titillates its readers with a story about the new sex
You can see some of Katie Couric's interview with the over-imaginative Jayson
The Daily News has an exclusive first look at Jayson Blair's book.
Details of America's Sweetheart Katie Couric's interview with journalism wayward son, Jayson
Editor and Publisher reports that one of the first lines of Jayson
In a story about the Jack Kelley possible-plagiarism-at-USA Today brouhaha (most elegantly
You can tell a lot about a year by seeing which posts
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