Jay z

An up-and-coming act named Jay-Z will play opening night there on April 26th.
Well, when you're being manhandled by Kate McKinnon, you have no choice but you laugh.
The three-day music festival continues all weekend on the Citi Field parking lot.
The series concerns a young man who was unwaveringly committed to his innocence, even when defending it meant more time behind bars.
Thank god Jay Z isn't pulling a Mark Kozelek and declaring war on critically acclaimed bands from Philadelphia.
She thanked her mother and uncle for making her clothes when designer labels wouldn't, "When I wore these clothes I felt like Khaleesi."
Performance artist Marina Abramovic is "very pissed" at Jay Z.
Beyonce and Jay Z are giving up NYC for Beverly Hills.
The city reportedly wanted to shut down parts of Flatiron District for days.
Apparently King James breached royal protocol by PUTTING HIS ARM AROUND Kate's shoulder.
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