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Meet the new bike: it looks extremely similar to the old bike.

Jay Walder loves being paid about $1 million/year.

Joseph Lhota, a former Giuliani deputy mayor and current Madison Square Garden executive, has been tapped to run the MTA.

Cuomo's committee to find the next MTA head is reportedly down to six finalists, with former deputy mayor Joseph Lhota at the top of the list.

Walder officially stated he was leaving because of a "compelling offer" he couldn't refuse, but the scuttlebutt now is that Walder's chilly relationship with Gov. Cuomo played an important role in his decision to leave.

Today, the MTA announced their five-year financial plan, which will include two fare hikes in 2013 and 2015, avoid service cuts, and bring "fragile stability" to the MTA, according to outgoing chairman Jay Walder.

Outgoing MTA Chairman Jay Walder will be getting at least $1 million a year in compensation when he heads Hong Kong's MTR subway and rail system.

In the wake of Jay Walder's resignation yesterday, the consensus is the MTA lost a valuable official who "set a new course for the MTA during an extremely difficult period." But then there's the union.