Jay leno

Spitzer said, "There's no reason, no justification, no good explanation for it."
Letterman said, "NBC announced [Leno's] official date of departure... no word on his official date of return."
Jay Leno said, "This feels right." Which is what he's said before!
"Tonight, tonight, who's gonna host Tonight? Is it gonna be Jimmy or Jay? Tonight, tonight, where will they tape tonight? In New York? Will it stay in LA?"
Based on his "Weekend Update" work on SNL, Meyers could ease into the late night chair pretty easily, even if he is no Ant-Man or Julie Klausner.
However, one politician says that the state is shortchanging people with disabilities in order to help celebrities.
With Fallon (seemingly) on his way to "The Tonight Show," we've compiled a completely serious list of very serious candidates who all deserve a chance to shine on "Late Night."
NBC has been building a new studio at 30 Rock.
The Hollywood Reporter claims NBC is gearing up to announce that the 2013-14 television season will be Leno's final one. And everyone's favorite Neil Young impersonator Jimmy Fallon is in line to take over.
Looks like the late night war is still going on.
Did David Letterman just pull a Regis and announce his retirement
Remember when NBC fired Conan O'Brien for not getting good ratings,
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