Jason schwartzman

We talked to Schwartzman about the genesis of the film, the extreme reactions to it, and what it was like playing such a prick.
It's so much better than the American remake of the Japanese original!
Jason Schwartzman would like you to consider not eating meat for
Yesterday, we stopped by the most Brooklyn place in all of Brooklyn:
Tonight marks the beginning of the Film Society at Lincoln Center's 45th
The New York Film Festival doesn't begin until Friday but you can
Of all the actors with bands (Jared Leto, Adrian Grenier, Jason Schwartzman)
Born and raised in Los Angeles, 25-year old Jason Schwartzman won
The second most interesting thing Gothamist found about the Oscars last
Benjamin Bratt will be playing Detective Tom Lone to Halle Berry's Catwoman
Further confirmation Imitation of Life head-actress Tara Subkoff and Bottle Rocket and
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