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Jason Kidd isn't just transparently clumsy with his sodas—he's also transparently clumsy with his attempts at power grabs.

The Nets coach dropped his soda on the Barclays Center Court in order to buy more time to strategize a play.

Steve Novak wasn't quite as precise making the wrap as he is from three point range (he committed a classic "overstuff" violation) but he did bring his sense of humor.

Another three games for the Knicks, another three wins. The season is no longer young, the sample size is officially significant: the Knicks are a force to be reckoned with.

Led by Jason Kidd's 4th quarter heroics, the New York Knicks got revenge against their cross-river rivals with a hard-fought 100-97 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night at the Barclays Center.

"I regret any disruption my accident last weekend may have caused members of the community and want to thank the local authorities."

Jason was was "was so far gone at SL East, he was dancing on banquettes, passing bottles — his ass was lit up lighter than July 4"