Jason giambi

The Carl Pavano era is over in the Bronx, or is it?
Yankees 3, Red Sox 2: To answer the above question: Probably. But
Yankees 5, Orioles 3: Carl Pavano -- Opening Day starter in 2007
Mets 4, Pirates 0: Times have changed. Now when a Mets
Mets 8, Marlins 6: When this weekend's series started, the Mets trailed
Photo of Joba Chamberlain wiping his face prior to being removed
Mets 7, Rockies 0: Break up the Mets!. Mike Pelfrey dominated, each
Despite our shameless last-minute plug for David Wright and Jason Giambi, neither
Photos of Andy Pettitte with Mike Mussina (left) with a fake
Photo of (left to right) Alex Rodriguez (AP/Kathy Willens), Derek Jeter
Yankees 4 Cincinnati 1: The Yankees did just enough to avoid a
Yankees 8, Padres 0: One day after getting devastating news about Chien-Ming
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