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A Mets season ticket holder shared his thoughts on yesterday's home opener, which saw the Mets with a perfect record of 1-0, with us to dispel—or confirm—some rumors.

Over the first few innings, it seemed like the Mets would

What should have been an easy win turned into a nail-biter

The Mets avoided getting swept by the Yankees with a 10 inning victory.

Mets 8 Phillies 0: Break up the Mets! They have a three-game

In a matchup of two of the best lefthanders in baseball

Boston 9 Yankees 3: With Sergio Mitre pitching tomorrow and Javier

After a year that included a new stadium where no one could

Jason Bay Like a monster awaking from slumber, the Mets finally

In a stunner, the United States actually lost a game in pool