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The judge said, "He should never get out of prison. I find this is just punishment. He will never have the opportunity to pick up a gun and do this again."

One year after she was shot through the head during a constituent meet-and-greet event in Tucson, Arizone, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords announced in a video message that she's resigning from Congress to focus on her recovery.

To remember those who were lost, Mayors Against Illegal Guns has released a video of several survivors describing what happened that day, and why they support the stepped-up enforcement and reform of current gun laws.

Five months after she was shot through the head during a

Victim Christina-Taylor Green Christina-Taylor Green, the little girl born on September

It was Bowling for Columbine revisited on The Rachel Maddow Show

In the aftermath of last week's tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona,

Among the many unnerving details that emerged this week about Arizona gunman

As the week has gone on, more and more unnerving details

Yesterday, hundreds of mourners gathered in Arizona for the funeral of