After being closed for 18 months, a new chef and menu brings new life to the FiDi restaurant.
We'll always have (the memories of) their addictive carrot-ginger dressing.
The melding relates to Japanese immigrants relocating to Peru to build the country's railroad network.
You can't sit in it, but you can sit around it.
Guests will be served between 18-20 courses before the evening's concluded.
The pan-Japanese restaurant has a sprawling menu of sushi, yakitori, ramen, seafood entrees and even a Japanese brunch.
Photos of the new space included a darling little whiskey cart which, sadly, does not take jaunts into the dining room to offer a steady supply of alcohol.
Tender cuts of beef are grilled at the table while the ebullient staff engages diners in a fun call-and-response cheer.
This is the first NYC outpost of a London-based empire of upscale Japanese sushi, skewers and sake.
Indulge in Uni Carbonara, Tofu Steak and Mushroom-Onion Soup Dumplings amidst dope cityscape murals by street artist Charlie Doves.
From Daily Intel, a quote from fashion designer and icon (and
Did you know that in Japan, restaurants waste virtually nothing, and
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