To understand the breadth of the global refugee crisis, Gothamist/WNYC reporter Matt Katz went to a country that doesn’t get much attention when it comes to this issue.
Valentine, who managed the Mets and Red Sox in America and the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan, remains popular in Japan and is friendly with the country's prime minister.
It may or may not help you cheat death.
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Like Manhattan's East Village to Brooklyn's Williamsburg, Shimokitazawa or "Shimokita" as the locals call it, is one express subway stop away from Shibuya. And Shimokita is a welcome relief from the busy streets of Tokyo.
Click through above to see the latest subway etiquette and manners poster series from Japan.
Watch extraterrestrial robots battle pandas, animal deities, and scantily-clad ladies.
"She just took my empty glass and skipped away. She skipped away. That's too cute. I can't handle it!"
Is this the thanks we get for inventing the McRib?
"We want to believe that New York is a humane city," the victim's sister wrote in an email. "And we wonder why the NYPD is trying to withhold evidence. We feel their lazy attitude."
Reportedly the president has already signed off on the nomination, she just needs to finish her vetting.
Gutai's Splendid Playground will take over the Guggenheim starting tomorrow, with a fluid centerpiece featuring tubes of colored water.
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