Janette sadik khan

There’s hope that with so many locals at the federal level the city might get more federal support.
"In a city with 6,300 miles of streets, we have 6,300 miles of possibilities."
"There are many city streets that are over-built for cars. There's virtually cities trapped between the lanes."
"It's amazing," said former NYC Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.
Mayor-in-10-hours Bill de Blasio announced that he is replacing Janette Sadik-Khan with Polly Trottenberg, the current Under Secretary for Policy at the U.S. Department of Transportation.
There's a 70% chance a child will be killed if struck by a vehicle moving at 40 mph, and an 80% chance the child will survive if struck by a car traveling at 30 mph.
On this National Day of Marijuana Smoking, why not bring you a tale of some high quality grade paranoia?
Only time will tell whether the long-awaited bike share program will be a success, but if membership is any indication, it's well on its way.
Would you believe that by allowing pedestrians and cyclists more room to safely navigate New York's streets away from the screeching metal boxes that belch dinosaur guts into our lungs, local businesses thrive?
The police "are not doing their job. Anyone who walks or bikes across a New York City street knows that motorists are getting away with reckless driving, day in, day out."
Today the DOT announced the release of 26,000 decals for the city’s 13,000 yellow-taxi fleet, as part of an attempt to remind cab passengers that opening their doors can be deadly.
Hundreds of dangerous intersections across NYC will be getting clever signage in the crosswalk stripes reminding pedestrians to stop texting and "LOOK!"
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