Jamie dimon

Gothamist asked 113 billionaires who are listed as New York State residents whether they would be willing to pay more taxes to help the state and its most vulnerable residents during the pandemic.
Dressed in orange jumpsuits and carrying banners that read '$top Financing Oppression,' around 100 protesters arrived at the arch of Dimon's Park Avenue building
Also, clawbacks are coming for executives.
"Essentially, JPMorgan has been operating a hedge fund with federal insured deposits within a bank," a finance professor told the NY Times.
"When the board finishes the review, you can expect we’ll take proper corrective action. There's likely to be clawbacks."
Chief Investment Officer Ina Drew is expected to resign today; she worked for JP Morgan for three decades and made $14 million last year.
And guess what, JP Morgan Chase could lose another billion!
The 99% are heading to the land of the 1%.
Protesters are moving on up to the Upper East protest at the deluxe apartments of billionaire and millionaire mover-and-shakers.
At a Crain's New York forum this morning, JPMorgan Chase CEO
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