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Participating cars are also rigged up with cameras, alarms, and analytics.
Amy Cohen spoke in front of the Council’s Transportation Committee, testifying about the horrifying crash that took son Samuel Cohen-Eckstein from her on October 8th.
The bill will now go to Governor Cuomo for consideration.
Politicians are calling for investigations and hearings into the spate of subway deaths that have rocked the city this year, as Manhattan BP Scott Stringer noted: “we’re really on pace now to hit 116.”
There are no explicit rules prohibiting cab drivers from recording their passengers, and those who have long held the bond between cabbie and rider as sacred fear that is no longer the case.
Restaurants may be fined $100-300 if their cyclists are breaking the law.
"This is the first time I'll be able to use a credit card by myself in a taxi cab—and I was the Governor of New York!" David Paterson quipped outside of City Hall this morning.
The City Council is working through a new bill that would let drivers to use their leftover parking time when they move to another meter.
James Vacca, chair of the City Council Transportation Committee, says he will push through tough new safety rules for cyclists in the coming year and demand strict enforcement of the current laws.
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