James oneill

O’Neill insisted that while there is a “balance” to policing the subway system, it’s “a very different environment than being on the street.”
The top cop is reportedly destined for a private sector job.
The officer who fatally choked Eric Garner filed a lawsuit in Manhattan civil court, alleging that his termination was 'arbitrary and capricious.'
'This shit is why I'm retiring in 7 months.'
'The unintended consequence of Garner's death must have a consequence of its own.'
A high-ranking detective was found dead of an apparent suicide in Brooklyn on Thursday, one day after a veteran NYPD chief took his own life in Queens.
Police Commissioner James O'Neill apologized on Thursday for the NYPD's violent raid of Stonewall Inn, ahead of the 50th anniversary of the police clash widely seen as a catalyst for the gay rights movement.
A new analysis of city crime stats has found that the NYPD systematically undercounted rape statistics for the last seven years.
'This was a group that, they meet periodically, and there's videos out there, you gotta take a look at what these bike groups do.'
'I feel he should lead by example since he wants to crack down on all cyclists.'
A plainclothes police officer is wounded and an armed suspect is dead following a shootout in Washington Heights on Thursday afternoon.
'We're trying to shed light on the extent of police misconduct that's happening and the extent that officers are not being held accountable for it.'
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