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The head of the Hackensack charter school said he learned about the accusations in the Sunday paper.
Sayar admitted this week in court that she had sex with the student multiple times—and she'll get no jail time as part of her plea deal.
Sayar's husband previously denied reports that he was looking to divorce her, but it was just a matter of time, as the Post points out today that Lathrop finally filed for divorce in January.
According to court papers the teacher "used the authority and power of her position to place the infant in a vulnerable position, betray his trust and engage in pedophilic conduct with him."
While one of the two teachers who were accused of having a steamy lesbian tryst at "Horndog High" can return to the classroom, the other teacher involved in that alleged tryst won't be allowed to.
“We have children who are deprived of a first-class, caring teacher...who, due to one sensational, publicly exploited incident where she exhibited extremely poor judgment, is deprived of continuing a career she loves and excels at."
Erin Sayar, 36, is facing eight counts of third-degree rape, marijuana possession, criminal sex act, sexual misconduct, and sexual abuse for allegedly having sex with student Kevin Eng last winter.
“By exposing what's going on I hope the teachers and the administration change their act,” said 16-year-old Jay Maslow. You can listen to his "Horndog High" ode, “Ghost Rhymer," below.
“We’re doing fine. We’re doing awesome," husband Jimmy Lathrop said. “We’re not getting a divorce. Who told you that—some guy who wears a short-sleeve shirt to work?"
“He’s very angry. He’s very embarrassed,” a source close to Jimmy Lathrop, Sayar’s husband, told the Post. “He’s already talking about getting a divorce lawyer. I don’t think this marriage will last."
According to the Daily News, 11th grader Kevin Eng was able to "describe tattoos on intimate parts of the teacher’s body."
According to the News, English teacher Erin Sayar has now turned herself in for an alleged affair with a 16-year-old student, and she is facing statutory rape charges.
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