James gandolfini

His co-stars flocked to the funeral to say goodbye.
"It's a nightmare for the whole family. It's a horrible, horrible thing, everybody is just devastated."
While St. John the Divine is an Episcopalian church and Gandolfini was Catholic, other famous funerals have been held there.
His funeral may be held at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.
Gandolfini allegedly had eight drinks, two orders of fried prawns and foie gras.
Fans of James Gandolfini flocked to Holsten's last night to find the booth reserved for the late actor.
Gandolfini lived all over the city, from Astoria to Clinton, to Park Slope to the Upper West Side.
His assistant said, "We all had a marvelous day together, and when he returned to the hotel Jimmy [Gandolfini] went to the bathroom and that is where something happened."
There's something terrifically charming about Gandolfini as a high-ranking general chatting in a little girl's room.
Early reports say The Sopranos actor was vacationing in Italy when he suffered from a fatal heart attack.
"When I first saw the ending, I said, ‘What the f--k?&#8217. I mean, after all I went through, all this death, and then it’s over like that?"
Pictured above: one celebrity who chose to not get involved with
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