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In this extensive interview, Owen also talks theater, film, and why he won't ever be James Bond.
It's not good that the contemporary movie I thought about the most while watching it was 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' a perfectly adequate modern action film that had almost nothing to do with 'Star Trek.'
"It's like buying the furniture to a house and there's no house, and then you have to design the house around the furniture, and it's a pretty ugly house, because everything in the wrong place."
James Bond, the Wolverine of high class espionage and martini drinking, will return next year for his 24th cinematic adventure in "Spectre."
For everyone who has already thoroughly enjoyed Javier Bardem's metrosexual blonde villainy and Daniel Craig's impeccable suit-wearing abilities, there's an easy way you can keep the spy high going.
Daniel Craig was the besuited host on Saturday Night Live's third episode of the new season, but the current 007 was overshadowed by the big political story of the week: the presidential debate.
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film, "Dr. No," MOMA will show a retrospective of all 22 Bond films in order from Oct. 5 through 31.
For one child, going back to school means breaking out your old James Bond costume.
The "moon room" at WikiLeaks new home. Seriously. Is WikiLeaker Julian
Yeesh, there sure are a lot of new movies out this weekend.
Who knew that people were designing guns that look like cellphones? The
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