Jamaica queens

Investigators are searching for an armed gunman who tried to rob an off-duty cop in Queens earlier this month.
A 24-year-old man was fatally shot in front of his mother last night following a dispute over a parking spot in Jamaica, Queens.
A 14-year-old runaway girl was beaten, raped, and forced into prostitution while being held captive in two houses in Jamaica, Queens.
Investigators are searching for two men suspected of stabbing three people on a subway platform in Queens this afternoon.
A witness told the paper that it was "100 percent the bus's fault," as Begum had the green light to cross. The NYPD says there is "no criminality suspected."
Bell's fiancee said in 2010 that she wanted to see the officers off the force, but a source close to the family says, "There's no joy in [the firings]."
Queens woman is in critical condition after getting run over by a school bus that careened off the road after colliding with another vehicle yesterday afternoon in Jamaica.
A Queens man has been arrested in connection to a string of molotov cocktail attacks in Queens and on Long Island Sunday night. Apparently, he was just airing grievances.
Police are investigating a series of firebombings in Queens late last night as possible bias crimes.
This summer, police raided one vacant home and found two loaded guns, cocaine, marijuana, bags for selling drugs and $1,100 in cash.
Starbucks is investigating whether a manager at a Long Island Starbucks berated a gay worker for his sexual orientation, as news broke that the chain's milk distributor will drop Jamaica, Queens-based Elmhurst Dairy.
Three workers at a private recycling facility in Jamaica, Queens died
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