The arrest could pose one of the first major tests of contentious chokehold ban passed by the City Council in the aftermath of Floyd's death.
In a continuing sign of what may be the most difficult and ugly battle ahead for New York City school officials, parents flooded a meeting and held a protest rally at a middle school in Jamaica on Thursday.
Originally, the DEP strongly implied that homeowners and their cooking habits were at fault.
Up to 300 homes could have been flooded from a sewer backup in a Queens neighborhood over the weekend.
Mohammed Rizwan was shot in the chest while answering the front door.
Two Queens detectives already facing felony charges for lies and misconduct are once again being sued for allegedly fabricating evidence.
A suspect charged in the attack said he only went to get condoms to "help my boys out."
Police are looking for a fourth suspect.
The victim says a group of five men forced her to perform oral sex on three of them.
A woman inside the house was shot in her bed.
She is still hospitalized.
A judge set her bond at $1 million.
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