Jake gyllenhaal

Critics swooned over the actors' City Center production in October.
Ellen Greene is playing Audrey—she originated the role Off-Broadway in 1982!
It's just like Andy Warhol said: in the future, everyone will sit next to Jake Gyllenhaal on the subway for 15 minutes (or at least until their stop).
Jay Z and Beyonce have evidently been watching "Spring Breakers."
Famous actor rides subway next to sleeping people.
Maggie Gyllenhaal is just like you.
Last night, Sir Elton John hosted Saturday Night Live, while also taking
Not to be outdone by Catherine Zeta-Jones, famous person Jake Gyllenhaal
Did Park Slope break up Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift? The
The 20-year-old Taylor Swift (set to play JFK's Terminal 5—a la
"Broadway Joe" Namath (who's now hitting AARP-age) will be larger than life
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