Jacobs pickles

The Mets recently showed off new cuisine and more in a preseason media gaggle, complete with a tasting menu.
Just opened from the Jacob's Pickles team, Lucky Pickle is a fast-casual dumpling and noodle joint with touch-screen ordering and pickle soft serve ice cream.
Water damage from a fire in a neighboring building has denied UWS their calorically dense egg and biscuit dishes since February.
"We smelled what I said right away what was an electrical fire because you can just smell wires burning."
They're making five different kinds, including one topped with cheese fondue and another made with foie gras.
This week, try grub from Times Square, feast in a garden and watch a film starring Weird Al Yankovic.
Eat a boatload of Chinese food, taste pickles, and more this week.
Let a professional handle that tricksy turkey.
Is there a more perfect harmony achieved between carbohydrates and dairy?
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